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An all-in-one sales and marketing platform is available to meet all your business needs.

We offer a comprehensive solution that gathers all the necessary tools to address the challenges faced by your digital agency, all conveniently accessible in one place.

Techno Viz - provides everything your business needs to achieve success

Techno Viz provides everything your business needs to achieve success.

Introducing Techno Viz, the pioneering all-in-one platform that equips you with the essential tools, support, and resources to excel in your business endeavors.

New Features

All In One Inbox - Techno Viz

All In One Inbox

Discover a unified platform that seamlessly integrates all your digital communications, making management a breeze.

Appointment Calendar - Techno Viz

Appointment Calendar

Introducing a seamless scheduling and tracking tool for all your meetings and events.

Funnels & Websites - Techno Viz

Funnels & Websites

Access powerful tools for creating impactful websites and optimized sales funnels to drive conversions effectively.

Workflow Automations - Techno Viz

Workflow Automations

Implement a cutting-edge system that streamlines and automates routine tasks, significantly boosting overall efficiency.

Memberships - Techno Viz


Incorporate a feature that enables seamless management of subscription-based courses and member privileges.

Social Planner - Techno Viz

Social Planner

Effortlessly schedule and manage your social media posts to ensure optimum engagement with your audience.

Reputation Management - Techno Viz

Reputation Management

A comprehensive strategy designed to shape the public perception of an organization or individual by influencing the information available about them online. This process involves systematic monitoring and shaping of their digital footprint to create a positive image.

  • Enhances brand image and credibility

  • Mitigates the impact of negative publicity

  • Boosts visibility and cultivates a positive online presence.

Img 1 -Techno Viz

All Reports in One Place

Experience the efficiency of a centralized system that gathers, consolidates, and presents data from various sources, offering a comprehensive overview of your operations, metrics, and results.

  • Facilitates quicker and more informed decisions.

  • Saves time on compiling reports.

  • Enhances data accuracy and reliability.

All Reports in One Place - Techno Viz
Img -Techno Viz
All In One CRM - Techno Viz

All In One CRM

Introducing a customer relationship management platform that seamlessly integrates all CRM functionalities, encompassing contact management, sales, and customer service, all within one easy-to-use tool.

  • Simplifies operations with centralized data

  • Enhances customer satisfaction through personalized service.

  • Drives conversions with integrated sales tools

Img 2 -Techno Viz

Access all the tools you need in one comprehensive platform.

Introducing Techno Viz, a unified business solution that bundles essential tools for efficiently managing, optimizing, and scaling your business. Access all these resources conveniently from one centralized dashboard.

Techno Viz  - Access all the tools you need in one comprehensive platform.

Access all the tools you need in one comprehensive platform.

Introducing Techno Viz, a unified business solution that bundles essential tools for efficiently managing, optimizing, and scaling your business. Access all these resources conveniently from one centralized dashboard.

Our Plans & Pricing

Take your business to the next level with our flexible and transparent pricing, tailored to adapt to your specific needs.

All our plans come with unlimited use and users.



An entry-level package offering fundamental tools and features.


Unlimited Storage

25 Users


All-In-One Inbox

Manage All Customer Interactions In One Place, Eliminating The Need To Switch Between Platforms.

Social media scheduler

Schedule And Manage Social Media Posts Across Various Platforms In Advance.


Build Your Brand Image By Getting Positive Online Reviews!

Text to Get Paid

Secure And Convenient Feature That Allows Customers To Make Payments Through Text Messaging.

Recorded Call Center

Keep Track Of All Your Calls In One Place With Call Reports.




A mid-tier package providing enhanced capabilities for growing businesses.

  • Everything In Basic Plan +


Unlimited Storage

100 Users


CRM & Segmentation

Organize All Customer Information In One Place, Making It Easily Accessible And Manageable.

Calendar System

Your Customers Can View Availability, Select Preferred Dates And Times, And Book Appointments.

Funnels & Forms

Maximize Your Marketing Potential And Enhance Customer Engagement With The Convenience Of Unlimited Marketing & Sales Funnels


Powerful Tool That Enables Your Business To Track The Progress Of Work Stages Inside Unlimited Pipelines.

Multi-channel Campaigns

Reach Your Target Audience Across Various Platforms. Run Campaigns From Email, SMS, Facebook And More In One Place.




The top-tier package, offering comprehensive tools and superior features .

  • Everything In Standard Plan +


Unlimited Storage

Unlimited Users

1 Free Domain



Create And Manage Multiple Websites With Ease, Using A Simple Drag-And-Drop Interface.

Online Store

Get A Professional Online Store With A Shopify . Simply Pay The Shopify's Subscription Fee, Which Is Approximately $38 Per Month, On Their Platform. (Note: The Actual Subscription Fee May Vary Depending On The Plan And Region.)

Workflows Automation

Powerful Tool That Enables Your Business To Automate Routine Tasks, Optimize Your Business Processes And Enhance Productivity.


User-Friendly Interface For Course Creation, Content Management, And Student Enrollment.


Collect Valuable Customer Insights, Improve Your Offers, And Enhance Overall Customer Experience.


Provides Your Business With A Centralized Platform To View And Analyze Your Business Performance In Real-Time.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your most common questions. If you can’t find an answer, contact us and we will be happy to help.

What's the commitment or contract term?

There’s no contract or any commitments with any of our SaaS plans, and yet Techno Viz offers Great discounts of you pay annually up-front.

Can I cancel my MailChimp and Click Funnels subscription if I have Techno Viz account?

Yes, our tools inside the automation category can substitute MailChimp, ActiveCampaigns, Constant Contact, ManyChat, ChatFuel, WorkFlow, and many more tools plus you will get features within our tools that’s unique to Techno Viz.

Do you offer one-month money back guarantee?

Yes, we do offer 1-month money back guarantee.

How do you offer customer support?

Once you visit our Help Center at help.techn-oviz.com you can:

Support LiveChat 24/7.

Request a call back, leave your number and we will call you asap.

Schedule a live support session to explain your needs.

Submit unlimited tickets.

Find help documents and How-to videos.

Register to our weekly Q&A sessions.

What if I signed up for 14 days free trial and didn't want to continue?

You pay nothing then. Once you sign up to Techno Viz, you will get access to the full system and it’s capabilities with no pressure to end your trial, you will have the same privileges that a paid user has.

Why should I use Techno Viz?

Companies and individuals work on/ with Techno Viz for business growth or saving time, but mainly you should use the system if you either want to gather your daily digital marketing activities into one place, and/ or gather your team into one place, and/ or subtract all your subscriptions into one single subscription.

Do you offer pre built templates? In what tools you offer that?

We have a rich library with pre-built and designed templates in the following tools but not-limited-to:

Marketing and Sales Funnels

Email Builder

Social media content

Social media planner


Appointment Reminder Campaigns (all scenarios)

Promotional Campaigns

More templates coming out around the other tools and categories.

How many users or team members I’m able to add to my Techno Viz account?

We’re still offering unlimited user and usage, but our company soon considering to offer usage or user based plans and pricing to fit everyone and to make people pay for what they use. However, today’s offer (unlimited users and usages) will be the most valuable option of all times to take advantage of.
Note: if you’re already a user of our unlimited account any future changes won’t apply to you. We’re keeping our grandfathers’ deals.

How many websites I can build on Techno Viz?

you can build unlimited websites, pages, and host unlimited domains.

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