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At Techno Viz, a subsidiary of Souq Pro Care .Com for Information Technology, we have a detailed refund and cancellation policy in place to ensure transparency and provide clear guidelines for our customers. Please review the following detailed policy:

1. Refund Policy:

a. Software and Service Refunds:

- Refunds are available for software and services within 30 days from the date of purchase, unless stated otherwise in the specific terms and conditions of the purchase agreement.

- To request a refund, you must provide proof of purchase and a valid reason for the refund. This may include issues related to functionality, performance, or compatibility, as outlined in the purchase agreement.

- Refunds will be processed through the original payment method used for the purchase.

- Techno Viz reserves the right to evaluate refund requests on a case-by-case basis to ensure fair and reasonable resolutions.

b. Hardware Refunds:

- Hardware refunds are subject to the manufacturer's warranty and return policy. Customers are advised to review the product documentation or contact our customer support for specific details regarding hardware refunds.

- Techno Viz will assist customers in initiating warranty claims or returns as per the manufacturer's policy. However, final decisions regarding hardware refunds rest with the manufacturer.

2. Cancellation Policy:

a. Service Cancellations:

- Customers may request service cancellations by contacting our customer support team.

- Cancellation fees and terms may apply, depending on the specific service agreement. Customers are advised to review their service agreement for any cancellation requirements or restrictions.

- Techno Viz aims to process service cancellations promptly and minimize any inconvenience caused to customers.

b. Software License Cancellations:

- Software license cancellations are subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the software license agreement.

- Customers should refer to the software license agreement or contact our customer support for information regarding license cancellation processes and any associated fees or restrictions.

General Considerations:

- The refund and cancellation policies are applicable to purchases made directly from Techno Viz or its authorized resellers. If the purchase was made through a third-party vendor, their respective refund and cancellation policies may apply.

- Refunds or cancellations may not be applicable for certain products or services, such as customized solutions or non-refundable purchases. Such exceptions will be clearly stated in the purchase agreement.

- Techno Viz reserves the right to modify the refund and cancellation policy at its discretion. Any changes will be communicated through our official website or directly to customers who have ongoing contracts or agreements.

For further assistance or to initiate a refund or cancellation request, please contact our customer support team. We are committed to addressing your concerns and providing the necessary support to ensure a satisfactory resolution.

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